Industrial Design - University project - 2017

Solar Tree

This design project has been done as part of my bachelor industrial design graduation thesis. This concept has been developed on behalf of the company 100%FAT. The main goal of the assignment was to create an interactive seating area that would promote sustainable and green technologies using a solar tree structure.

The Design

The final concept of the solar tree has been inspired by trees found on the Savanna. The tree features 15 round solar panels which are mounted on a tilt frame to allow manual adjustment to orientate the panels in the most efficient posistion. The seating area is a fully modular and customizable area. The orientation and amount of seats can be altered according the the location the installation is placed at or the wishes of the customer. Each seat features a charging point for portable devices. Each charging point is equipped with four IP-65 waterproof USB-sockets and two wireless charging coils. The seat surface is made from a sustainable bamboo composite.

The solar tree also features Wi-Fi acces and an interactive illumination system. This interactive illumination responds and reacts to people in the proximity of the installation.